Frequently Asked Questions

Job Management:

It depends on what type of corporate user you are. If you are a CM (Corporate Member), then you can extend time period of your live job as per your corporate membership nature. Otherwise, you can extend or shorten your live job within default 30 days.

If you want to re-post a job within (seven) days of expiration, you can do so, there is no obligation.

You can keep three(3) jobs as pending job.

Yes, you can edit any of your live job. Go to the “Edit” option

You can edit all the fields of a live job except Company name.

When a job is in “pending” status, it means that your job is waiting for approval of team. You can check the status of your pending job from Contact Now

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Job Posting:

Category jobs are under corresponding catagories on but not on the homepage. On the contrary, Hot Jobs listing are on the homepage with company logo and subsequently Hot Jobs listing get much more visibility to job seekers. And also under each category job, you can post for only one position whereas under each hot job you can post for unlimited number of positions (conditions apply).

In case of standout listing jobs, you can add your job key points and company logo. But in case of basic listing, you can not avail these features.

Yes, you can make your basic listing job a standout listing job prior to discussing with

In three ways you can collect candidates' CVs through Ejobs:

  • Online CV /Resume
  • Email Attachment of CV
  • Hard Copy of resume
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Applicant Process:

In Posted Job section just beside applicant number you will see number in red which indicates new applicants for your job.

This advanced filtering system shows the highest matched applicants for your job , this will save your valuable time and effort. One Stop Recruitment Solution is a system to conduct the overall recruitment process in a systematic and digital way. The system starts with getting applications and then includes shortlisting, scheduling, keeping candidate's wise information, easy communication with the candidate's in a variety of ways, etc. The system turns the haphazard recruitment process into a smooth and structured format.

In the real-life recruitment process employers usually do some activities in their hiring process. Using the feature, employers can digitally conduct the hiring process digitally from the office desk. There are several steps to a job recruitment process and all of them could be done in a systematic way through the feature such as-

  1. Receiving the applications
  2. Shortlisting
  3. Communication
  4. Scheduling
  5. Interview
  6. Final hiring etc.

All the steps could be done digitally through the system.

The biggest advantage of One Stop Recruitment Solution is you can find all applicants in one place and can communicate with them in an easy way and it can also record all the activities in a structured way.

Yes. The system creates easy communication by creating schedules along with the candidate's in a variety of ways such as email, SMS, MyEjobs panel notification, etc.

Recruitment Step refers to the different versions/steps of interview or test to conduct the overall recruitment process through the system. Employers can create steps for interviews like written test, viva, face to face, etc.

Employers will be able to add up to five recruitment steps.

Shortlist is an option to choose the initial candidate's at the initial stage of the recruitment process. Employers can shortlist the candidate's directly by clicking the button beside the candidate's names. This will allow the employers to shortlist all the job candidate's who would be initially selected, which would have been very time consuming if the employers had done the real-life recruitment process manually. You can take the Shortlist option if you need a multi-level shortlisting.

Other than the Shortlist employers can create three more steps such as-

  • Shortlist for Written
  • Shortlist for Face to Face and
  • Shortlist for Other

Yes. You can select other three steps without taking the Shortlist. If you select any of the remaining options (Written, Face to Face, Other), the Shortlist option will no longer be available.

Yes. There are some fundamental differences between the Shortlist and the other three (Written, Face to Face, Other) steps. Such as- in the shortlist option, employers will not be able to create a schedule. On the other hand, they can create a schedule, communicate with the candidate's, give attendance and scores and comment on the candidate's in the other three steps.

Click on the 'Create Schedule' button from the 'Schedule' dropdown to create an interview schedule. After the pop-up will appear, specify the date, time and place (venue) of the interview. Then you can notify the candidate's

Yes, you can create multiple interview schedules. You can create multiple schedules by using the Add Schedule and add multiple schedules in the same way you create a schedule.

You can notify candidate's via SMS in addition to email and MyEjobs system notification.

Yes. After getting notified, candidate's can respond as Will come, Will not come, Request for reschedule message etc through their MyEjobs account. Applicants who will not come can mention the reason behind the absence.

If a candidate gets selected for an interview, s/he gets the notification for an interview schedule. Sometimes, s/he might not be available at that date and time. So, S/he can request to change the interview schedule which is called Reschedule. So, there is an option where employers will be asked whether to allow applicants to reschedule the interview time and date. In that case, if the employer selects Yes, the applicants will be able to request for rescheduling, and if the employer selects No, the candidate's will not get the reschedule option.

Yes. The candidates' may request to change the interview time and date if employers allow for rescheduling.

Employers can select or reject candidate's for the next step by clicking on the Shortlisting button if they have already added a step.

There is a button to the right of the candidate's brief information named Shortlist for (step name). Click the button beside your preferred candidate's names and take them to the shortlist directly.

Yes. After the interview date has passed, you can keep a record of the absence of the exam, including giving the interview number to the candidates.

Yes. You can reject any candidate's using the Remove button to eliminate him/her from the shortlist.

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CV Bank:

CVs are ranked automatically based on some criteria such as completeness of CV, number of short lists against applied jobs, number of CVs viewed by employers etc. Each CV has a rank point. The CVs ranked 3 (three) stars or above are considered star candidate's.

After performing each search using necessary filtering criteria criteria you can save that search filter for future use in case of same type of searching.

You can see your shortlisted candidate under CV bank menu , after opening the list you can send the mail to group using Send Email option.

You can download a CV at a time but not a list of CV.

Once you invite a candidate there is no option to cancel that invitation.

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