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Listen to the success story of best IT institute in Dhaka !

Category: Education/Training

  • Md. Saiful Islam
  • 10-Jul-2021

THE BEST COMPUTER EDUCATION INSTITUTE IN BANGLADESH : Digital IT is a group of web designers and developers, who are passionate about web design and web development, Online Earning and on a mission to make it a better place for anyone. Digital IT Computer Institute was founded in the year 2013, Khulna city in Bangladesh.Digital IT head office location at Dhanmondi in Dhaka . Computer Training Institute is one of the leading training companies in Bangladesh offering comprehensive IT courses and cutting-edge training programs to IT aspirants [students & individuals], working professionals, corporates, institutions and government entities. Want to do anything? Well there is a safe way to go from being stuck in your career, Hello, my name is Roger Bourne and let me introduce you to an Online course that I have developed, to get you out of this "stuckness." My course is based on my own painful journey and will take you from that unhappy job situation that you are in at the moment, to a happy one. With this course, you will discover how to: Know your blocks This will increase your confidence to move forward. Get rid of your blocks. This will enable you to find out what it is that you really want. Find out what you are really looking for. This will stop you wasting a lot of time and money looking for the wrong thing. Know that you can do the new job. Now you can become confident about being very successful in the new job,.. Get that new Job, safely. This is a safe way to get that that ideal job, without putting your current life style and commitments in danger. Settle in and reap the rewards Thus you will create a long and satisfying career. Why Me? I have done a lot of jobs in my life, some of which were just for the money, and they certainly didn’t make me feel happy! In that category I include concrete labouring, steel rigging and opal mining. After a while, I started a real career as an engineer, rising eventually to the level of Managing Director. So, I know what it's like to be in a horrible job, just for the money and what it's like to be in a totally rewarding career. (And I know which one I prefer!) And what do others say about me?